" Fate che chiunque venga a voi se ne vada sentendosi meglio e pił felice."
                                                                                                  Madre Teresa di Calcutta


The Company Funeral directors of Ciro Russo comes from a long experience in the funeral
home and from determination and professionalism of the entrepreneur that offers the best service.

In this delicate moment for the death of a loved one , an equitable relationship between the service
offered and the price is very important thanks to Ciro Russo( entrepreneur of Funeral Ciro Russo)
that takes care of everything in the first person, carefully following each customer.

It takes care of the funeral:
     -   the first bureaucratic and organizational aspects of various legal practices;
     -   ambulance service operating 24 hours on 24, even on holidays;
     -   preparation corpse with donning;
     -   transfer deceased;
     -   funeral transportation;
     -   funeral rite;
     -   burial;
     -   cremation;
     -   tombs in the cemetery;
     -   funeral announcements.

The payment of the funeral can take place through:
- cash;
- bank transfer;
- postal order;
- financing.

Mobile phone +39 346 7439131(h24)
Address: 32 Fratelli Bandiera Street, 74023 Grottaglie - Taranto - Italy
E-mail: on.fun.cirorusso@gmail.com
PEC:    russociro@pec.it
During the following times for more information:
9 AM - 1 PM / 4 PM - 9 PM
Phone/Fax: +39 099 4000129 (office)

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